Learn how to do your own dip powder nails

And don't worry! Every Complete Kit comes with easy-to-follow printed instructions that makes the process EASY in just 6 steps!


How to get started!


Start by pushing back your cuticles, then gently buffing & shaping your nails whether you're an almond, square, round, coffin or stiletto, kind of girl!

Step 1 - Apply Prep

This helps the dip'd powder adhere to the nail and makes your nails last weeks!

Step 2 -Apply Base, then Dip

Is it me or is there something SO gratifying about dipping your nails into soft fluffy powder!

Repeat this step 2 or 3 Times 

Step 3 -Apply Set

Allow to dry then buff smooth and apply set a second time.

Step 4 -Now It's Time to Shine! 

Apply two coats of our high shine diamond gel top coat for ultra shine that lasts until your next manicure. Literally. 

Apply DIP'd Cuticle Oil

infused with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E for a professional finish! 


Now go be lovely.