Professional Electric Nail Drill

20,000 RPM with adjustable speed


Size: 15.8 x 2 cm 



Makes Dip Powder Removal faster and easier

Great for shaping and buffing away any imperfections for a flawless dip powder mani


  • Multifunctional: 6-in-1 design with 6 metal drills and 6 abrasive belts. Used for nail removal, carving, cutting and polishing cuticles.
  • Adjustable speed: With speed control button, adjustable design. This makes it easier and safer to polish your nails with electric nail files. You only need to connect the power to use it.
  • Easy to carry: The product is compact and easy to carry. The total length of the nail file tool is 15.8 cm and can be easily placed in a pocket or bag. You can take it with you when you travel. You can also fix your nails and design your nails at any time.
  • Low noise: The tool has a powerful and quiet motor. Smart cooling can effectively avoid overheating. Extend machine life. (It is recommended that each use should not exceed 20 minutes)

The Perfectionist -Easy File Electric Nail Drill